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Some Useful Clash of Clans Strategies

Some Useful Clash of Clans Strategies

You can never know enough about something.  This is especially true when it comes to Supercell’s Clash of Clans game.  Clash of Clans is an incredibly popular free to play game for mobile devices that combines some of the best elements of town building with defenses and offensive armies.  At the heart of what makes Clash of Clans amazing is the complexity that may be originally hidden by the colorful graphics and helpful user interface.  Taking this into consideration, below are Clash of Clans strategies focusing on wall design and defense.  With any luck, you will have a better sense of your defenses after reading this strategy guide.

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Wall Concepts

Wall concepts are the ways that people design the walls around their town.  There are a number of different ways you can do this.  Of course, the most well known is the single wall.  While used at the beginning as the first line of defense, single walls are relatively easy to break and should be upgraded to something else if possible.  A double wall includes one layer of wall followed by a space and then a second layer of walls.  The benefit to this is that archers and wall breakers have a harder time of getting through.

While most people will have an outer wall that protects everything inside, it may be wise to separate internal structures into a number of separate areas.  This way, if one part of your base is comprised, there are still spaces that are safe and under your control.  By giving some space between walls and the buildings they are protected while also putting your most heavy defense as close to the center of your base as possible, you can create a defensive layout capable of surviving most of not all sieges. Did you know that clash of clans was based in 3d digital models like 3d atom model, 3d dna model , 3d model marketplace.

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What to Put Inside Your Walls

The most important thing you can have behind your walls is a splash damage defense.  Splash damage defenses can cause a great deal of damage to units and as such may be the first thing targeted.  In addition to splash damage defense, make sure to put your town hall, as well as any buildings that store processed materials well within your defenses.  These are the most important structures you have, and as a result should have the heaviest defense possible.  Besides that, there are a few buildings you should never have behind your walls.  These include arm camps, spell factories, barracks, and laboratories.

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Clash of clans hack game play

Clash of clans hack game play

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